TELPO TEST LAB prove TELPO products reliable --part 5

DATE:2020-07-17 15:04:10

Finally, it comes to the most important aspect that customers concern when in long-distance shipment. As we know, in daily transportation, any situation might occur, like dropping down and shaking, that’s too normal in sea transportation. So below tests show how TELPO dedicate to make packing tight and robust.

1.    Slight drop test

This test is to set the drop height of the drop tester to 10cm, but before that we need to ensure test sample is in the starting state. Test was conducted on multiple surfaces of the product in turn, with hundreds of drops per surface. And after test, samples should be in perfect status of appearance, function and assembly inspection.

2.    Drop test

This test is that product within box and dropped onto floor. We have a drop tester in our lab. The drop test is that the product with full package. It tests the situation when the product falls to the ground at different angles and heights, so as to check the damage of the product and evaluate the depravity height and impact resistance of the product packaging. Then we can improve the packaging design according to the actual situation of the product packing.

3.    Shaking test

Our laboratory also has a vibration tester, which can be used to simulate the actual product transportation and test the product vibration resistance.

In a word, the above test can make sure all products intact, normal function and perfect performance after they arrive customer’s warehouse. Besides there test, we also can fulfill customer’s requirements in long-distance transportation, such as adding moisture sealer out of carton, plastic cable ties, pallet that can be used in sea transportation, ect.