How to install Telpo intercom APP into TPS467 SIP Intercom

DATE:2019-10-15 10:54:22

1.Use one normal USB cable, one end is Type A to connect to laptop, and one end is Micro USB to connect to TPS4567. Use it to connect TPS467 and your laptop.

2.In TPS467, disable the USB connected mode in Setting—Developer options.

Here tap the USB debugging mode to disable the USB debugging.

And then at the top of the screen, one box prompt out, indicating “USB connected”, tap the box to select “TURN ON USB STORAGE”, to use the TPS467 as an external disk of laptop. 

3.In your laptop side (Below picture is the screen of laptop), we can see the TPS467 as an external disk, put the intercom APP into its root directory.

4.After the intercom app sent to TPS467 successfully, select TURN OFF USB STORAGE again.

Or simply disconnect the USB cable with laptop and TPS467.

Doing this is because just now your laptop is controlling TPS467, before installing app in TPS467, we must disable the control of laptop.

5.Find the intercom app in TPS467—Explorer

Just click it to install the intercom app directly.

6.Enter the intercom app, input default password to do setting. 

Please inquire our sales team for the password. 

After enter the setting, you can edit your own password. 

7.After entering SETTING, please select the second option VOIP Config to fill in SIP server and SIP account data.

8.SIP setting on TPS467

Please input the SIP account of TPS467, to register it onto the SIP server.

The corresponding parameter relationship is as below:

• Number: phone number of SIP account

• Display: usually same as the phone number of SIP account

• AhthID: usually same as the phone number of SIP account

• Password: password of SIP account

• Address: IP of SIP server

• Dial: the phone number of indoor device in receptionist desk, it means the auto dialing number in the main intercom screen.