Building Visual Intercom Five Advantages

DATE:2019-06-10 12:51:46

Building intercom development has more than 20 years of history, began to appear in 2004 TCP/IP protocol and digital audio and video transmission visual intercom system. Based on the network data transmission form of visual intercom, that is, to cause a greater response in the industry, there is a big elimination of analog visual intercom potential. According to HIS survey, global shipments of videophone will increase by 7.5 in the next five years, which is directly related to more and more new commercial houses. From the original audio to now visual access control intercom, technology progress to the security market to bring a lot of benefits. And the increase of this market is also an important factor driving the growth of building automation integration market.

Visual identity for the door machine in the building intercom system has a variety of forms, to join different entrance guard control module can realize different control mode, the earlier is given priority to with a credit card, or a password authentication and so on, these days, you can also give the door machine configuration bluetooth module, bluetooth pairing automatically after open the door with mobile phones. Bluetooth control has two ways, one is not required to authenticate, as long as the door sensor phone bluetooth signal will automatically open the door; The other, which requires authentication, sends a password to the phone when it receives a bluetooth signal from the phone. The door will only open if the password is correct. It can be seen that the visible building intercom system plays the role of a polyhedron in life. It is a set of multi-faceted application system, which can achieve point-to-point, point-to-point, linkage and other functions.

Visual intercom system has the following five advantages:


Easy wiring. Compared with the bus transmission analog visual intercom system, the digital visual system is much more convenient in wiring, installation and debugging. The digital visual system greatly simplifies the wiring engineering, making the installation and debugging of the intercom system become simple and the construction period is shortened.


Networking is powerful. When all the signals are digitized, it is easy to meet the needs of the network. The indoor computer of digital visual intercom system is just like a small computer. The powerful data processing ability makes the networking function realize and become more powerful.


Good expansibility. IP networking has a strong expansion and extension. It can not only realize visual intercom, but also realize multimedia information transmission, broadcasting, security alarm, intelligent home, influence monitoring and other functions.


Low comprehensive cost. From the point of view of installation, debugging and wiring, using TCP/IP transmission mode, can reduce a lot of investment, plus the construction period is short, save wire and labor costs, and very easy to maintain, therefore, the use of digital visual intercom system, more advantages on the cost.


Long transmission distance. Now that community development is growing, analog video intercom systems can use video amplifiers and extend transmission distances to several kilometers, but at high cost. At present, digital visual intercom system adopts broadband carrier technology, which can realize low-cost long-distance transmission, and has advantages over optical cable data transmission.

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