Telpo 20th Anniversary: Know More and Thrive Together

DATE:2019-06-01 16:13:20

Take global improvement of telecom and intercom technology as our responsibility, Telpo was founded on 1999 with a rich experience in SIP, Android, 4G and intercom technology. Focusing on technology with more than 150 engineers in our tech center, it get at least 330 intellectual property right and 70 patents. Telpo is strong in production, with 2 small SMT line for R&D samples and trail production, 3 production bases for large production to promise a instantly and stalely products support.

In 2015, Telpo listed with 600 employees and 66 million as registered capital.

In 2019, Telpo ushered in its 20th birthday!

Now let know more about Telpo, to get more opportunity from it and thrive together.

Products part

Three product lines in telecom and intercom.

1. SIP devices

Including IP PBX and VoIP gateway. This series is special for fixed telecom providers and ISP.

UC1000 is a strong IP PBX, which can support up to 1000 extensions and three slots for FXS/FXO/E1 board cards. It is an all-in-one PBX for enterprises, users can select different combination flexibly for IP, analog, digital calls.

TP series is voice gateway switching between SIP and analog, covering 2FXS to 128FXS, it will have great need during changing period from analog to SIP.

2. Desktop phones

Telpo has basic, middle, high-end models in desktop phones, including IP phone, 4G phone, WIFI phone. With Android OS, these desktop phones can be used by system integrators, who can put their system into the Android desktop phone as a whole solution, which will be an easy solution to market.

1. Intercom products

Including indoor monitor and door phone, this series is special for the smart home, smart city, apartment building, office building, to use as video intercom. Telpo has their excellent intercom system, and also Telpo can provide API/SDK for 3rd-party system to integrate. With IP connecting and Android OS, this series is very easy to be integrated.

Solution part

1. For smart home and apartment building

Telpo provide a whole video intercom solution for buildings to promise the security. When visitors come, can use the door phone to make call with indoor monitor. Also, this indoor monitor can be integrated with smart home control system. As the smart city and smart home market need increase, this solution will be hot and popular in global world.

2. For enterprise SIP call

Telpo PBX system is a internal and external voice call for enterprise. As Telpo PBX system can support 1000 users in a server, it is better for middle size or large size enterprise. With rich call features, like call forwarding, free internal call, multi outgoing call number, etc., Telpo PBX can meet all call requirement in global market.

3. For various industry value adding

Telpo Android desktop phone is actually an open platform to carry 3rd-party system or application. These kinds of desktop phones are special for the system integrators, who can use Telpo SDK to integrate their system with Telpo Android hardware. For example, call center system integrator put their call center application into V210, then V210 with call center application can be call center solution. Because only V210 hardware and application, the cost is very low.

If you want to know more about Telpo products and solutions, welcome to contact us for detail,