Smart Video Intercom Solution Part 2

DATE:2019-05-21 14:15:05

As the increasing needs of smart city and smart home, Telpo release a Smart Video Intercom Solution with special terminals and system. Let’s turn to know more about this solution.

What advantages in this solution?

1. Easy deployment: With standard SIP protocol, can be very easy to install, just need to connect the terminals with system by IP.

2. Economical selection: Strong performance with low cost

3. Easy to integration: Full SDK or API for integration with third-party system or application, like smart home control system, visitor CRM system, hotel system, etc.

What terminals related?

1. Indoor monitor: TPX910 indoor monitor, with 10 inches touch screen and Android operating system, can support to hang on the wall or install into the wall.

2. Door phone: TPS467 and TPS465B. TPS467 is with 7 inches screen and Android OS, support IP65, can support to stand with turnstile or hang on the wall. TPS465B is 5 inches screen and Android OS, can be install on the wall. TPS467 is better for the access control for the whole area or better for the first ground of building. TPS465B is small, which is better for each apartment or villas.

3. Indoor desktop phone: V100 and V200 with 7-inch/10-inch touch screen, Android OS, better be set in security room or service room.

4. Intercom system: Telpo intercom system, can be installed in Telpo server, or be installed in cloud.

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