Smart Video Intercom Solution Part 1

DATE:2019-05-20 11:10:39

As the increasing needs of smart city and smart home, Telpo release a Smart Video Intercom Solution with special terminals and system. Let’s turn to know more about this solution.

Who Telpo video intercom solution for?

This Telpo video intercom solution is with some smart terminals and intercom system. This Smart Video Intercom Solution is special for residential buildings, office buildings, villas for intercom call and integration with other system, like visitor recording, staff time attendant, smart home control, etc.

1. For residential buildings: Householder can make free video or audio call with door phone, to confirm the visitors and open door for visitors.

2. For office building, there will be a lot of companies in a office building, visitor can use first ground door phone to make video call with the company reception. As well can also install some door phone in each room, like meeting room, for smart access control.

3. For villas, there are some small device special for villas video intercom call, visitor can make video call with indoor householder, for identity confirm.

There are terminals including indoor monitor and door phone, all terminals are based on SIP and Android. Just need to connect the terminals into the networking with system, they will work easily. For easily installation, there are some bracket and box to hang on the wall and install into the wall.

About the system installation, it can support hosted deployment and cloud deployment, which can be selected by different projects. For example, if need easier to do maintenance and stronger features, can use the hosted installation with server hardware. If want the economical cost and do centralized management, can use the cloud deployment.