Telpo Android Product Play Main Role In Smart Building Solutions

DATE:2019-05-09 14:47:36

First, as you know, Telpo has developed a complete series of Android products especially for smart home and smart building.

Basically, we divide Telpo products into three categories.

1) Android desk phone, V10 series and V20 series, covering different uplink such as VoIP, PSTN and 4G/3G.

V10 series is with 7inch touchable vertical screen.

V20 series is with 10inch touchable horizontal screen.

2) Android indoor monitor, TPX910, 10inch screen.

3) Android intercom, TPS467 and TPS465B.

TPS467 is with 7inch screen.

TPS465B is with smaller 5 inch screen.

Now let’s see how these diverse Telpo Android products can be used flexibly in a latest smart build solution.

Please check below picture explaining their positions in the structure.

In above smart building system, we have three use scenarios, and we can know where Telpo product will be installed, and how to play their roles clearly.

1) Android desk phone

Good for property office, monitor room and parking lot office

Android desk phone can be equipped for property management staff, security personnel and parking lot staff.

To help them make free call in the same calling system of smart building, communicating without additional phone call charge.

That can avoid a heavy load of the traditional property management cost.


2) Android indoor monitor, TPX910

Good for home, hotel, office usage scenarios.

With a promising design, TPX910 is featuring with rich interfaces, which allow it to connect with multiple sensors to collect alarm signal, and control the door via relay; 

More, with smart home control software, TPX910 is the main control part in smart home solution, easy for people to control the curtain, house temperature, home appliance, etc.

Telpo offers SDK to let customer integrate their unique smart home software on TPX910.

Last, Users can also make free call to other terminals in the same calling system with TPX910.


3) Android intercom, TPS467 and TPS465B.

Good for apartment main gate, or apartment gate.

TPS467 can be used outdoor as an intercom product with its IP65 advantage.

Visitor who can’t enter can make call to different apartment or property management staff for help.