Highway IP Intercom

Telpo offers six models of smart telephones for intercom and broadcasting application.

For 7 inch screen V10 series smart phones, we have V100 (IP), V101 (PSTN), and V102 (PSTN+4G)

For 10 inch screen V20 series smart phones, we have V200 (IP), V201 (PSTN), and V202 (PSTN+4G)

In this page we will introduce more on the IP intercom system for highway emergency situation.

Android Smart Telephone=Telephone + Computer

The smart telephone is running on Android 5.1 OS and we offer SDK/API to help our partners to integrate with software for more functions or further development. So it’s ideal platform for IP intercom system and handle the traffic alarm more intelligently.

It can realize functions like making calls, checking monitor camera and broadcasting etc. So when integrated with IP intercom software, this smart telephone can turn into a high end device of telephone+controlling system. It makes operation easier and more cost-saving.

Bigger Screen for Easier Operation

IP intercom smart telephone is equipped with 10 inch IPS screen and 1280x800 high definitions. The bigger screen enables for clearer pictures and easier operation for the management GUI. The multi-touch screen is very smooth to glide finger over it and gives good touch responses. All of these are very helpful for quick decisions in vital situations for high way accidents. 

Better configuration for more stable operations

The smart telephone is equipped with quad core CPU, 1/2G RAM and 8/16G Flash. This configuration is more than enough for most of apps or software for smooth and stable operation. The stability is very critical for broadcast system for high ways. So this Telpo smart telephone can be used for high way toll stations, traffic control center, emergency and rescue center, and management offices etc.

Multiple Interfaces for flexible application

Telpo smart telephone can be connected to Internet by WAN or WIFI. It can also offer Internet for other devices by LAN port or WIFI hot spot. (In this case the smart telephone is acting as a router) Besides, the smart telephone also support Bluetooth and USB for multiple applications.

Wireless casting to show bigger picture on high way

When traffic control center / emergency and rescue center get video calls from high way for help, they can cast the picture or video on high way to TV screen, which is clearer and easier to show to more people and make collective decisions.

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